Philips: Killed By Microsoft

Philips Exits Consumer Electronics

Their end began when they invested heavily in the Windows CE-based “Palm-Size PC,” producing the sleek-looking Nino.


CPU: Philips TwoChipPic+ CPU (based on MIPS R3000 core) running @ 75MHz
RAM: 4mb RAM
ROM: 8mb ROM
SCREEN: 240×320 4-greylevel (2-bit) backlit LCD
EXPANSION: CompactFlash slot
PORTS: serial, IrDA
POWER: AC or 2 AA or NiMH w/ CR2025 lithium backup
SIZE: 3.41″ x 5.25″ x .8″, 7.23oz
BUNDLE: NinoDock, Carrying Case

Palm-size PC was junk. Philips lost a fortune. And didn’t learn until investing in a second model with a color screen.

Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, this was a Microsoft partner that Microsoft killed. Who will be next? I’m looking at you, Windows RT…


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