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Facebook Acknowledges The Real World Others Haven’t

Introducing the Facebook Card, a New Type of Gift Card

Beginning today, people can give their friends gifts to Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target all on one reusable gift card from Facebook.

Gift Cards are a special pet of mine. I’ve written about them before:

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The real world is that we are bankrupt. Gift Cards acknowledge that fact. They let people who have had their plastic revoked — or who have cut up their plastic to kill their debt slavery — still have access to buying on the Net.

This new Facebook Card goes one further, reaching out the non-Net real world.

This is a huge paradigm shift.

How long before they add partners like supermarkets and drug stores? So Facebook friends can help out other Facebook friends who might need help getting groceries or paying for a prescription? (Note: Target already deals in pharmacy scrips!)

If you don’t see how huge this is, you’re just not paying attention.

This is epic huge.


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A Change The Apple App Store Needs ASAP

Update: Someone on Twitter objected to this post. He missed the point. People who don’t have iPads would do this search, which is the entire point. For the longest time, Android apps could be searched for only on an Android phone or tablet. Google got smart and allowed web access, all of Google Play is now on the Net. You can also search for iOS apps and books via the Net now too. This post is valid (why else does iTunes still allow search?) and your shortsighted objection is why you fail — and also why the App Store is a mess.

Today I decided to play a little game.

It’s called Let’s Pretend I Finally Decided To Buy An iPad.

So I went to the App Store to look up one of the functions I need to carry out on any tablet: Photo Editing.

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