The Rise Of Pre-Pay

Verizon introduced a new pre-pay phone plan today: Smartphone Options for the Budget-Minded

Seventy dollars a month is hilariously overpriced and the three available phones suck too.

Although I’m glad to see the cellcos finally acknowledging the financial constraints most people are under, this is nothing more than throwing stale crumbs at people. At some point, either Sprint or T-Mobile will get truly desperate and revolutionary and drop all subscription plans, go all pre-pay, and demand phone makers like Samsung (and even Apple) drop the price of their hardware so it properly falls into line. The era of the overpriced seven-hundred-dollar smartphone will also then come to an end. And good bloody riddance to it!


Walmart and Straight Talk to offer prepaid iPhone 4 and 5 starting January 11th

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One response to “The Rise Of Pre-Pay

  1. Eric

    Interesting. I just cancelled my plan and have gone pre paid.
    $300 per year unlimited calls, texts and 6GB of data per month.

    I was paying $75 per month for $800 worth of calls, texts and 2GB of data.
    So far I am in my second week all has been well apart from a major outage caused by two fibre breaks.

    I will be in front after four months and as long as they do not go broke of course.

    I am in Australia and the service provider is Kogan Mobile.

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