Three Things For Today

Be insanely valuable

Think yourself as a customer. Would you buy your own product? Do you think that your product is the best product out there? If you answered ‘no’, stop right now and think what you are really doing. Stop wasting your time, but more importantly stop wasting your customers time.

Archos needs to heed that advice.

Innovation and Information

If I have a $5 bill in my pocket and give it to you, then you have +$5 and I have -$5. By definition, your gain in this scenario results in my loss since I no longer have the $5 available to me. This sort of zero-sum situation can end up creating competition between two or more parties that share a common interest in the same resource.

On the other hand, if I have an idea X and I share it with you, something altogether different happens. The total amount of information in the world increased now that we both know X. We also get the added benefit of me knowing that you know X and you knowing that I know X. Not to mention that you know that I shared X with you.

The flaw is that the information is chasing that $5 bill, which leads to an ultimate zero-sum. Turtles all the way down.

‘Hey, What’s That Big Phone?’

Here is our theory: Apple has always been at the forefront of ‘inventing’ product categories. It carved out space for the iPhone in-between the Desktop PC and existing smartphones, (re)inventing a whole new product category. It then carved out space for the iPad in-between the Desktop PC and the iPhone, inventing a multi-billion dollar product category called the Tablet. And then, when it was time to carve out space in-between the Tablet and the smartphone, for some inexplicable reason, they paused.

It’s easy to point out the flip-flops of Steve Jobs. Would he have done an iPhone Phablet? I don’t know. But I think the iPhone phablet idea making the rounds right now isn’t the way it should be done. It’s just More Of The Same. Whether people want to admit it or not, the first Galaxy Note changed the game as much as the original iPhone did. There’s still much work to do with iOS itself: Multi-user accounts, better multitasking, perhaps even multi-windowing, and letting people choose keyboards like Android (hello, Graffiti for iOS!). At some point Apple will have to become Apple, not What Would Steve Do?


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