4 responses to “Gelernter’s Stream Of Sludge

  1. It’s interesting to me how many services there are right now that help people pull content (the good stuff) out of the time stream — Evernote, Instapaper, the various IFFT recipes that save to Google Drive, starring items in Twitter or Google Reader, etc.

  2. Good post. I went to read Gelernter’s article, and I’m not even sure I understood that rant. I think he has a valid point that time is a neglected dimension in web browsing, but the main flaw I see is he seems to think the only thing important is the NOW. Has he ever tried the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine? I spend a good deal of my time doing time delimited Google searches. It’s a nightmare.

    I also beg to differ that time is more important to most people than space. Uh, no. I’d say relevance is most important, time and space are just a way of organizing that via metadata. Oh yeah, and he did forget reputation and all that.

    Now a question: how do you see BlogLovin’ in the context of his article?

    • mikecane

      Bloglovin’ is just raw RSS with illustrations. Out of 100 posts, if there are ten I actually clickthrough to read, that’s a good percentage. Hell, I put most posts in Categories here, but as far as I know, there’s no RSS reader that will pull in things via such Categories.

  3. In the end, there’s only one relevant phrase in all this: The Flow. You can predict all you want. But the web is becoming, and has already become, an organism. In a melding of cyber and human brain the web will flow where it wills. Some people will get lucky and make correct predictions.

    Temporal is just one thing; other stuff, surprising stuff, will rule for a while, then the king will be killed, sacrificed to the flashing, buzzing DNA of cyber networks, and a new king will be born… only one constant: The Flow.

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