iPad Mini Versus Nexus 7

After the break is an interesting video from a fellow who has no axe to grind or really any favoritism towards either iOS or Android.

He gives some pretty basic reasons for using an iPad Mini over his Nexus 7.

To spoil, the 4:3 eight-inch screen is better for browsing, email, and reading magazines.

Just look at the difference with magazines:



As it turns out, Distro doesn’t offer pinch-zoom, so you’re stuck with the size of type that’s displayed on the screen, which is a grim experience on a seven-inch screen:


He prefers the Nexus 7 for games, however, finding the 16:9 screen to be better for playing and the size better for holding.

Being stuck in the pre-tablet era with a crap PC that has gotten so slow I must now reduce YouTube videos to 240p(!) in order to have them play smoothly, I was shocked when he demonstrated Google Now. The speed of it made my jaw drop. (It also made me go search for dictation apps for iOS).

Let’s tear out the portion of our brains that contains common sense and psychotically pretend — hahahahahah — that the upcoming Archos 80 Platinum with 4:3 eight-inch screen actually works properly. I wonder if he’d want to get one so he could stay with Android yet gain the magazine and browsing experience he gets on an iPad Mini?

Anyway, here’s the video:

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