Samsung Galaxy S III Test

Tonight I had a chance to play a little bit with a neighbor’s Samsung Galaxy S III phone.


Look at how thin it is next to the LifeDrive:




My camera battery dropped dead so I couldn’t get a bunch of pics.

I wanted to try a Google Books PDF and I was surprised to find it was all FAIL.


This is what happened with Polaris Viewer (included in the S III):


I also tried Aldiko — couldn’t get a pic because of dead camera battery — and the result was a bunch of blank pages after the initial Google page. But after paging through a bunch of blanks, I couldn’t even get the initial Google page to re-display!

I was trying this issue of The American Magazine, which is a 203MB PDF.

And no, I couldn’t try the Kindle app, because I had just downloaded it and my neighbor needs to enter an account — he probably needs to set one up, in fact.

See, this is why I absolutely must test things before I buy them. My past experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 made me think that this test would have worked out just fine.

But it didn’t.

I’m not someone who finds returning products to be an experience that enhances my life. I hate doing it. Especially with all the entitled creeps out there who think nothing of buying something, playing with it a while, and then shipping it back — over and over and over again (see any forum for confirmation).

Well, at least I got to try voice search (“Say ‘Hi, Galaxy’ to wake me up”?!). That was interesting.

This FAIL on the S III makes me wonder if the Samsung Galaxy Note II would similarly FAIL.

What’s odd is that, although it might have been very slow to render, I didn’t have this problem with any version of the iPhone once iBooks had been upgraded to handle Google Books PDFs. On the other hand, I wasn’t trying a 203MB PDF at the time. Maybe that’s the problem right there. Still, given the CPU and other hardware, I don’t see why it should have failed.

If you have an S III or similarly-powerful phone, give the test a try and report in Comments.

Same-day Update:

Replies from Twitter:


There was no QuickOffice installed on the S III.

American S III. However, the neighbor didn’t buy it. It was given to him by his employer. I wasn’t going to buy an app just for this test. It’d be different if, say, I’d bought an Android tablet and wanted to test it that way. I could always use the app later on another tablet if I wound up returning the first one.


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3 responses to “Samsung Galaxy S III Test

  1. I think this is one of the downsides of Android: there’s no expectation of consistency. What works on one won’t necessarily work on another. Each Android implementation is different; saying it’s an “Android phone” isn’t a guarantee of anything. iOS isn’t perfect either, but it’s much better in that respect.

    Anyway, interesting to hear that employers are giving “Android phones” to their employees. If anything, that’s a good sign.

  2. Andy Foster

    Your neighbor uses comic sans as the default font for the GS3?

    I looked hard at the GS3 but decided to go with iPhone5 and am happy. However GS3 is a great device and I’m grateful for competition. It keeps all the companies on their toes and us consumers benefit.

    • mikecane

      That phone confuses him so much, I’m certain the choice of typeface was entirely accidental. I wasn’t going to change it for him because I really didn’t want to know if he actually *liked* it.

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