Now That Gerry Anderson’s Dead, Let’s Get Rich!


‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’: ITV Studios To Reboot Classic Series

The absolute nerve of ITV!

For years Gerry Anderson pleaded to re-boot his creation.

His creation.

He’s been gone for just a little over one month and they announce this!

Talk about spite!

It’s never been ITV that cherished and kept alive his creations.

It was always the BBC that chose to rerun them and cause a new wave of popularity, introducing them to new generations of children.

This announcement is the biggest slap in the face to every creator around the world.

Never get in bed with the corporate bastards. Never!

I’ve been down this road before, here: Reject The Google Book Search Settlement!. I contrasted Audrey Meadows and Gerry Anderson back then. And here I am again, today.

Because it never fucking ends is why!

Suits do not create. Suits are unimaginative bloodsuckers whose eyes are always, always, always on their personal payday.

Whoever made this decision at ITV did it solely based on math: Without Gerry Anderson, how much more money for us — and for me?

It had absolutely nothing to do whether or not a re-boot of Thunderbirds would work or would be a success. It was never ever about that. It was about cutting out Gerry Anderson — the creator — and grabbing the money he would have been allocated.

And no, don’t be a nob and take their side and mention Alzheimer’s. Gerry wanted to re-do Thunderbirds since the 1980s, for fuck’s sake. So many of his team were still alive then to help him too — writer Tony Barwick, designer Keith Wilson, his puppeteers, and others. ITV (which is now a broad term for all the parasites who have held the rights, such as Carlton and others) spat on him.

And today, with this announcement, they’ve spit on his grave too.

Now, Thunderbirds, through the eyes of The Suits:

God damn them all.


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2 responses to “Now That Gerry Anderson’s Dead, Let’s Get Rich!

  1. Scumbags. Be good if we could set off a “boycott Thunderbirds in the name of honour”meme so nobody watches.

    • mikecane

      It will fail. And that shit didn’t just happen. It was planned for quite some time. You don’t just announce something like that as fast as they did. I wonder who at ITV is getting a fat paycheck out of it?

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