Archos 80 Platinum = Onda V812

Archos 80 Platinum, 8″ quad-core A31 tablet passes FCC

Based on the FCC pictures, this 80 Platinum seems to be a Onda V812 model, and ARCHOS probably did not bother much with rebadging and just handed a Onda tablet for certification.

Back of the ARCHOS 80 Platinum from FCC picture, clearly reads Onda in the center of the case.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Wow. Just … wow.

Archos isn’t even designing things any longer. They’re just taking a customized shipment of ready-made Chinese tablets!

As for the tablet itself, at YouTube there are the usual comments about the hit-and-miss quality of the Onda V812. Some people are pleased, while some people get one that should have been shot instead of shipped. I expect that to be the same even with the Archos logo slapped on it.

Two miseries:

1) There is no Bluetooth
2) Battery life — if it can be called that — is just four hours!

I’d really like to have Bluetooth, for pairing with an external speaker — as well as with the Bluetooth keyboard I already have.

As for the four hours of battery life, that’s just painful. Should I be outright stupid and hope that Archos will tighten up its firmware in updates and squeeze out more electrons? I doubt it. As it is, that four hours is when screen brightness is set to minimum with WiFi on. There can be no battery miracle here.

I was looking forward to this tablet. The YouTube videos show some impressive performance. But four hours of battery life is rather traumatic. The way I’d use it, I’d wind up charging it twice a day!

I guess I should now hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has a price far below the rumored 391 Euros (which could be US$391, if not US$399).

Here’s a detailed video of the Onda V812 that shows a bunch of benchmarks. Note that he tends to speed up the video during the boring bits:

Here’s a test of the video camera. I don’t know what’s up with the static during points of it:

And here’s a user mini-review. He reports a terrible two/two-and-a-half hours battery life when playing a 3D game non-stop. And this forum thread reveals why: It’s just a 3775mAh battery.

Finally, Archos better modify the existing firmware. It has app compatibility issues as-is. And there are also problems with the browser.

I think I should heed the buying advice and avoid this tablet.



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2 responses to “Archos 80 Platinum = Onda V812

  1. John Splomet

    Well the platinum 80 is supposed to come with 2MP cameras, so it is NOT the same than onda v812.
    Hopefully the battery is better as well

    • mikecane

      Yet look what Archos submitted: An *Onda* tablet to the FCC! I will take it as given until it’s released. But right now, I’m not going to go nuts waiting for info as I’ve been doing.

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