Apple Versus Samsung: Why Samsung Is Winning

With the release this week of the Evasi0n jailbreak, I’ve gotten interested in looking at some of the things people would add to an iOS device to make it worthwhile.

It’s been an eye-opener and highlights the stark difference between Apple and Samsung.

Apple discourages jailbreaking. Samsung encourages it.

CyanogenMod founder joins Samsung Mobile, promises to make Android ‘more awesome’

Yes, Apple has hired hackers too:

Apple Hires iPhone Hacker Nicholas Allegra (@Comex)

But Samsung encourages hacking. A look at the various Samsung-related XDA Developers forums reveals Samsung participation over and over again.

And Apple? Silence.

Why does this matter? Well it matters to those who might be thinking of dumping their iOS devices to get the things that Samsung offers — better multitasking and multi-windowing, for example.

The irony is, you can have those things with iOS if you jailbreak.

Just look at these videos:

Multifl0w has not been updated for iOS 6.x yet. But just look at that. Then look at this:

CardSwitcher hasn’t yet been updated for iOS 6.x either, but I think it’s going to happen. Update: It’s happening:

And as for multi-windowing, a feature of the Samsung Note series of phones and tablets, meet Quasar:


Quasar also hasn’t been updated for iOS 6.x.

But when those tweaks have been updated, my god! Why would anyone want to even think about buying a Samsung device or moving to Android?

Quasar and the webOS-like tweaks are enough to keep me happy with iOS forever. Just looking at those customizations drives out all of the prior interest I’ve had in Samsung devices.

Others have said it, but now I’m saying it too: Apple is missing a huge opportunity by locking down iOS the way it’s been doing.

There are a lot of smart people at Apple. Someone should see the wisdom in letting all these jailbreak mods co-exist with standard iOS.

Even if it’s an Expert-Only backdoor with an agreement that Apple Support won’t be available — something.

And yes, this really matters. Apple can never know how many people wanted X feature in iOS but couldn’t get it because there wasn’t a jailbreak — or because a jailbreak tweak (such as those above) wasn’t updated to a new version of iOS.

XDA Developers is very influential in the Android space. Hell, a large proportion of Barnes & Noble hardware sales have been due to XDA letting people root the NookColor, Nook Tablet, eInk Nook devices, and the latest Nooks.

Maybe in the grand scheme of things a few tens of millions of lost sales means nothing to Apple. But they wind up accruing to Android — which lets people have the goodies that Apple prohibits.

Hmmm, if only there was something that Android had that Apple then offered. It would help to emphasize this point. It would also help if it was massively profitable for Apple too.

Oh yeah. There is. It’s called the iPad Mini, which gives people the smaller tablet experience that Android had first.

(I wasn’t going to mention swipe-down Notifications. That was just too easy.)

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