Kiss My Ass, You Typeface Fascist!


Day One: Making the world safe for embedded fonts

If I want to read an eBook I paid for in Comic fucking Sans, that’s my business, you fucking meddling dweeb.

Please give us a list of every eBook that has that code so we can all boycott you to your deserved death.

Via: Respect the reader


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4 responses to “Kiss My Ass, You Typeface Fascist!

  1. I will beg you also include digipubs who decide to set their font size at 60 – 70%, which is not satisfactorily overridden by one’s reader. Since I’ve asked Samhain Publishing to stop doing this before (three times at least), I’m outing them here for that. I’m fucking sick of it. Stop it. Put your font at 100% and quit jacking with the people who buy the damn books.

  2. Oh, yes, I agree with you. Ebook publisher shouldn’t keep trying to force readers into a specific size/design/font! If we wanted to occupy that strait-jacket, we would just buy the book on paper.

  3. MsMonarch

    Personally, I think the example in question (Chapter 2) looks bad both ways — the “designer chosen” font isn’t helping the reader, the typography is still typical ‘ebook terrible type’, and it is less readable than it should be. However, would it be so bad to have the option to have a well-typeset ebook presented to you, with better letter spacing and fewer weird gaps? That could conceivably be achieved with publisher-set default settings.

    I realize that consumers have been conditioned to want as many choices as possible, but might it be worth considering that an ebook actually *typeset* could be a better read, rather than a straitjacket?

    • mikecane

      >>>That could conceivably be achieved with publisher-set default settings.

      Whenever I’ve fondled Nooks at B&N and tried Publisher Defaults, the books looked *worse*. Designers have to realize that “book design” is just about dead in the digital age.

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