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The Screwball Metric Of Cost Per Hour

Cost per hour: A new metric for paid content

In our increasingly digital world, the challenge for consumers in determining a given product’s value or utility will continue to shrink, creating an environment where consumers will explicitly consider “Cost Per Hour,” or CPH, when buying content.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

No they won’t.

Are you insane?

People never do that. Not, at least, normal people.

Is he seriously going to argue that someone would walk into a bookstore intending to buy a specific book, see that’s it’s basically pamphlet-thin for, let’s say, six bucks, and then think, “Well, the hell with that! It’d take an hour to read and that’s a cost-per-hour of six bucks! Let me find a fat book instead with a better CPH.”? Or they’ll see a KB/word count for a Kindle book and pull out a calculator to figure out its CPH?

What about for food? Hey, the Dollar Menu is a better CPH buy than that five-star filet mignon at that Zagat-rated restaurant.

Do you see how absolutely stupid this is? No one normal thinks like that.

You know who are the only people who do go by cost per hour? Customers of prostitutes. Aspersions, I am not casting them.

This guy is out of his mind for even suggesting this CPH metric.

Sell that Egress somewhere else, Barnum.



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Comment On The gTLD dotBOOK Domain Grab

Who’s After the dotBOOK Top Level Domain

Maybe we can stop this idiocy after all.

ICANN is asking for public comments: “Closed Generic” gTLD Applications

dotBOOK should not belong to any commercial entity.

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