Gerry Anderson Tribute Video: Dogfight Redux

This guy went and did what many a Gerry Anderson fan has dreamt of:

Dogfight Redux

This short film is my homage to the wonderful TV shows of Gerry Anderson and the creative genius of Derek Meddings. Edited down from the original 18 minute long epic, “Dogfight! Redux” showcases some of my original models and filming techniques that were used way back in the 1960s, ie. models on strings, with no computer involvement at all – just the way I like it. After nearly two years of preparation and two months filming, I can honestly say that “Dogfight! Redux” was a labour of love. I hope you like it too. For more information on the film and to see how it was all put together, please take a look at my blog –

As well as behind-the-scenes info, there are 40 other modelling articles from the past twenty years or so. Enjoy the read and please offer comments and/or suggestions. they are most welcome. Thanks.

Space Captain Greg Martin

See the video after the break.

And there’s a Behind the Scenes video too:

And also see his blog, with lots of photos and a diary of the filming. This is so great!

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