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The Android Cascade

I’ve noticed an increasing drumbeat of stories touting Android. This is both perplexing and interesting. It almost seems coordinated too.

At any rate, it shows that Android might be up to something that Apple should pay some attention to.

After the break, the cascade of recent press for Android.

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Nokia Android?

Nokia! If Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates calls Microsoft’s Smartphone Strategy ‘Clearly’ A Mistake and one that ‘Doesn’t allow us to get the leadership’ Why Do You Think It Is Working?

I think it is inevitable that Nokia (in whatever form it may exist) will abandon Windows Phone soon and then its obvious option is Android (would have been MeeGo).

That would basically wind up as a battle between Nokia and Samsung.

Nokia certainly has hardware engineering excellence.

But would they jump into Android without being a close partner with Google to the extent of producing a Google-blessed Nexus phone?

Nexus devices are vanilla Android, so that would exclude any software additions Nokia might want to slather over Android (as Samsung does with TouchWiz).

Moving to Android would be a huge embarrassment for Microsoft.

It would also remove the reason Nokia has had for keeping Elop too.

I’m putting this post here to start a countdown clock. Let’s see how long it takes for this to happen.


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