Second Samsung Galaxy S III Test

Previously: Samsung Galaxy S III Test

Neighbor had some problems with his phone. I updated it to the latest version of Android…





Then manually updated all the stuff that needed updating via Google Play Store. That was a trip in itself.

I also got rid of that damned Comic Sans, which it turns out he hated anyway.

Then I got to do some more PDF testing.

To repeat, this was the PDF:


I added PDF Viewer and Polaris Viewer (which I can’t seem to find now on my desktop at Google Play) to his S III for testing. It turns out there also seems to be an Office Suite on his device, but I couldn’t find any icon for it on his home screens(!).


The Office Suite doesn’t matter anyway. It couldn’t show anything that was an image in the PDF — which is basically anything past the first page of text Google places in each PDF. I didn’t take pictures of that.

Here we go with PDF Viewer:








A magazine published in 1922 displayed on a telephone!

Look at that again: A telephone!

This is Science Fiction!

Polaris Viewer was just FAIL, paradoxically not displaying images — the entire PDF is nothing but images!



The same two pages in PDF Viewer:



This is exciting!

I wouldn’t want to try to read these PDFs on a phone, however. But it’s good to have that capability in your pocket for at least previewing them.

I also got to play with the web browser. It’s like ten times faster than Firefox 18 on my crap weak desktop.

I also tried Flipboard. Which I found very annoying. Flip-flip-flip-flip. Ugh. Just give me a list of article titles to scroll through so I can see everything available ASAP and then choose the pretty version.

All this test did was make me want a tablet even more. Like the herd of cats will ever let me:


Note: Pic is only part of the herd.


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2 responses to “Second Samsung Galaxy S III Test

  1. Andy Foster


    No more comic sans fonts.

    About PDF – I’m amazed Adobe has not invested significant resources to find a way to make PDFs easily read on tablets. Then again Adobe hasn’t had their stuff together for a while now.

  2. You have to be desperate to view a PDF on a phone–for any reason (benchmarking excepted).

    Your cats are beautiful! Wonderful photo.

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