Another Bit By Napoleon Hill Surfaces

From the same 1920 issue of Gas Industry noted earlier.

Google Book Search is an embarrassment and this should have surfaced in my earlier search.


Not all who wear little American flags in the lapel of their coats and take off their hats as the flag goes by, are loyal Americans.

Patriotism is something which must first be demonstrated in the human heart. It is not so much what a man does as what he actually thinks that marks him as a real or psuedo patriot.

When a man gets right in his own heart; when he feels a burning desire of appreciation of this wonderful land of freedom; when he convinces himself that this is the best country on earth, then he is ready for outward demonstration of patriotism and not before.

If you do not feel right in your heart toward America there is something wrong with either you or the country. If the country is wrong you are living in the wrong spot, so why not move to some better place? If you are wrong, the only sportsman-like thing to do is to undergo a change of heart!

If you remain here and accept the wide freedom of speech and of action which America offers, then for heaven’s sake act as any self-respecting guest would act and feel a sense of appreciation. If you cannot feel this sense of appreciation, then do exactly that which an honorable guest ought to do; namely, pack your grip and move on.

No one can play a traitorous part and retain his self-respect at the same time. You have a right to be here; you have a right to every privilege which America offers; you have a right to enjoy the wonderful opportunities to accumulate personal fortune which America enjoys, providing, always, that you conduct yourself as a patriotic American should.

Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

If this country is giving you a good living and its laws are providing you with absolute freedom to go and come as you like then the least you can possibly do in return is to feel kindly toward the country and respect its customs and its laws. This is all that is expected of’ those who enjoy the privileges which America offers.

— Copyrighted

Original image:


Even though this and the other bit appear on the Editorial page, Hill is nowhere listed in the editorial staff. This is puzzling. Gas Industry magazine seems to have his touch about it, with epigrams such as these at the bottom of almost every page:

He does nothing who endeavors to do more than is allowed to humanity — Johnson

Work was made for man, and not man for work. — Holland

Unless a man works he cannot find out what he is able to do. — Hamerton

Same-day update:

I came across a similar bit of writing in a 1920 issue of The American Stationer and Office Outfitter:


I don’t know what to make of this. This second one has three more paragraphs too. And Napoleon Hill’s name is nowhere to be found. Although right below it is this bit which reads like pure Hill:


Second same-day update:

I thought that self-control bit sounded familiar. It appeared with credit to Hill in an earlier post here!

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