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Countdown To The Death Of The Nook Begins

Barnes & Noble Weighs Its E-Reader Investment

A person familiar with Barnes & Nobles’s strategy acknowledged that this quarter, which includes holiday sales, has caused executives to realize the company must move away from its program to engineer and build its own devices and focus more on licensing its content to other device makers.

“They are not completely getting out of the hardware business, but they are going to lean a lot more on the comprehensive digital catalog of content,” said this person, who asked not to be identified discussing corporate strategy.

On Thursday, the person said, the company will emphasize its commitment to intensify partnerships with other tablet producers like Microsoft and Samsung to make deals for content that it controls.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Just … wow.

So the Nook is basically going to become an app? What I said earlier?

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Gerry Anderson Tribute Video: Nosey Parker Is Go!

I heard about this years and years ago via P2P but it was never available.

Now it’s turned up on YouTube, legitimately!

One of the best Gerry Anderson homage-parodies I’ve ever seen.

All models. No CGI. That’s how it’s done.

Previously here:

Gerry Anderson Tribute Video: Dogfight Redux

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Samsung Is Just No Apple

As much as they want to be, they aren’t.

When Apple introduces a product, you know the models available, the date of availability, and their prices.

Samsung introduces the Galaxy Note 8.0 and plays coy on the models available, the date of availability, and their prices.

They pulled this same shit with the original Galaxy Tab 7 and the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

In fact, when they finally introduced a Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab 7, they downgraded the specs, simply ruining it.

And with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 — which was banned in Europe — in America they sold only a 4G version tied to Verizon’s network.

This is bullshit.

This is no way to get people to stay interested in your products.

A loose “end of second quarter” estimate for the Galaxy Note 8.0 all but guarantees it will get crushed by the rumored next Google Nexus tablet with a 7.7-inch screen. The S-Pen and multi-windowing aren’t that big a deal that people will forgo a plain vanilla Android tablet with Google branding.

Samsung needs to get its act together and realize it’s not fighting just Apple — but Google too.

Samsung: Do proper introductions or just don’t bother. We’re tired of being dicked around by you.


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