Archos 80 Titanium: Just Rebadged From China

Today I learned of the documents Archos filed with the FCC for certification of their Archos 80 Titanium tablet.

Those of you who had doubts that Archos was no longer designing their hardware and just selling re-badged Chinese technology, here, after the break, is the proof to make you shut up.

Letter from Archos to FCC:


Letter to the FCC from the Chinese company that designed and manufactured what will be sold under the Archos brand:


Well, it’s not all bad, I guess. Someone in England did a video of the new Archos 80 Titanium and so far it seems OK — although the lack of Bluetooth in it (and the 80 Platinum) is a sore point with me:

However, it remains to be seen until it’s out there in many hands. Too many Chinese products have a tendency to suddenly drop dead without warning. And if that happens after the refund/exchange window has closed, it’s totally wasted money.

Remember that the Archos 80 Titanium has a dual-core CPU. It’s the Platinum that will have the more powerful quad-core CPU. Both are otherwise identical in screen resolution (1024 x 768), storage (8 and sometimes 16 GBs), and lack of Bluetooth.

Previously here:

Archos 80 Titanium Not Crap In French Review


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