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Archos 80 Titanium & Platinum User Manuals

I can’t help but be intrigued by these until I’ve personally fondled them.

Choose the manuals from the Archos Documentation Page (drop-down menu).

They are each basically fourteen pages long and contain nothing new for people who have encountered Android before. The only news is that the Archos 80 Platinum does include HDMI-Out after all.

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A Necessary Periodic Reminder

US writers on the take: how demand for more media content leads to more corruption

Conservative opinion writers at prominent publications like the Huffington Post, National Review and Red State all received money from the government of Malaysia as part of a sophisticated propaganda plan to smear an opposition leader. Details of the scheme were reported on Friday by BuzzFeed and include a regulatory filing that discloses the names of the columnists.

The plan in which 10 columnists received $2,000 to $36,000 each to write about Malaysia was carried out by Joshua Trevino, an opinion writer and the operation’s bagman. Trevino himself, who was a columnist for the Guardian until the paper dropped him in 2012 over conflict-of-interest issues, received $389,724 from the government of Malaysia.

The reminder is to read my explicit FTC Disclosure page

This is a Graft-Free Zone.

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The Sockpuppets Of Twitter

Rachel Maddow Busted Using Multiple Fake Twitter Accounts To Boost Mentions Of Her Show


I doubt it’s Maddow doing it. More likely this is a “social media PR firm” hired by MSNBC that’s behind it.

But this is all over Twitter. I use Twitter Search a lot. And I’ve come across well-known tech sites that assault Twitter with hundreds of sockpuppet tweets when a post goes live, all under accounts that exist only to blast through their message.

This is something that Twitter needs to stop.


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Apple Versus Salmonella

Apple and Twitter

There is no way in hell Apple should buy Twitter. I feel so strongly about that, that I boldfaced it in red. Apple doesn’t like freedom of expression. They don’t know how to handle it (hint: leave it alone!). We’ve already seen over and over and over again how they bungle books. They don’t even allow people freedom in email. Can you imagine how they’d destroy Twitter by basically turning it in Disney Instant Messaging? The first social network for tots. The list of banned words would be epic. Not even “poopy” would get through.

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