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The 1920s Scheme To Create A National Bookstore Chain

Continuing my research into Napoleon Hill, I came across a remarkable thing in an issue of American Stationer and Office Outfitter:

Prospectus of United Bookstores Co.

The following prospects, printed on a page leaflet, has been sent out by the United Bookstores Co. of America:

Organization Syndicate

An opportunity is presented to a limited number of persons interested in wider and more profitable book distribution to participate in a strictly business enterprise for this purpose by becoming members of a syndicate to promote the United Bookstores Company of America.

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A Flying Monstrosity From 1921

From 1921 issues of Flying (click to enlarge):



Caproni Triplane

Designed as a cross between a houseboat and plane, the Caproni Triplane flying boat was one of the largest seaplanes ever built. The plane used three sets of triplane wings taken from World War I bombers attached to a 100-passenger flying boat hull. Powered by eight 400-hp engines, the plan was to carry 100 passengers as well as six pilots and flight engineers. However, on the plane’s second flight in 1921, it crashed into a lake, killing both pilots, which led designers to scrap the design.

Still, it must have been something to see in person!


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1921: The First Use Of The Term “Snail Mail”

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Snail mail

The term “snail mail” appears as early as 1942 in the headline of a news article about slow mail delivery.[5] The term also appears as a sub-headline in a 1951 news article.

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