A Flying Monstrosity From 1921

From 1921 issues of Flying (click to enlarge):



Caproni Triplane

Designed as a cross between a houseboat and plane, the Caproni Triplane flying boat was one of the largest seaplanes ever built. The plane used three sets of triplane wings taken from World War I bombers attached to a 100-passenger flying boat hull. Powered by eight 400-hp engines, the plan was to carry 100 passengers as well as six pilots and flight engineers. However, on the plane’s second flight in 1921, it crashed into a lake, killing both pilots, which led designers to scrap the design.

Still, it must have been something to see in person!


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2 responses to “A Flying Monstrosity From 1921

  1. Good Lord, hat is one FUGLY contraption! Early aircraft designers tried to mimic the shape of a bird. Looks like this Italian design crew might have discovered Acid before they started the design work. Nightmarish.

  2. Amazing. It’s like 1921 steam punk almost, a wild and wonderous monstrosity. And the building of such aircraft was bound to lead to people thinking, yeah, let’s shoot for the moon…they were pushing the mechanics and tech that they had to the limit.

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