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Steve Wozniak Defines Passion Through Deeds

The most overused word today is “passion.”

The last season of MasterChef had contestants saying cooking was their “passion” in every interview. How could so many people have that “passion” yet be so bad at doing it?

It’s because they confuse “passion” with “something I really like to do.”

This, from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, illustrates what passion really is:

One accident that happened to me was that I taught myself, with no books, how to design computers in high school. I loved doing it and designed computers all the time, from descriptions of them in manuals by the companies that made them. I designed the same computers over and over and made a game out of trying to use fewer and fewer parts, coming up with tricks to accomplish my task that could never be in a book. They were ’tricks‘ in my own head. I felt that some of these tricks would be used by probably no other computer designer in the world. In my game world, on paper, where I could never afford to build my designs, I felt I was one of the best in the world.

How many of those MasterChef contestants could cook without affording the food?

Wozniak could.

That is passion.


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