Video Review Of The Onda V812 Tablet

The Onda V812 is the basis for the upcoming Archos 80 Platinum tablet.

Onda V972 has 8″ Super IPS 1024×768 screen, 2Gb RAM, 16 Gb of flash memory, dual 0.3 Mp and 5 Mp (with autofocus) cameras, metal back panel, HDMI out, etc. The tablet is based on Allwinner A31, which is interesting not only by its quad core 1008 MHz Cortex A7 CPU, but also by the very powerful GPU, PowerVR SGX544MP2, which is about 1,5 times more powerful and much more advanced than the PowerVR SGX543MP2 used in iPad 2, and almost as powerful and more advanced then SGX543MP4 used in iPad 3. This GPU is slower than owerVR SGX545MP4, used in iPad 4, but is equal by the functionality.

The main differences between it and the Archos:

1) Archos will offer 8GB internal storage, not 16GB
2) Archos will include its own apps
3) Archos might not permit root access by default

Otherwise, when you see this tablet in action, you’re basically getting some idea of what the Archos will be like when it’s finally released.

This review lasts an hour and is an example of how comprehensive a review should be. He runs almost every Benchmark on it, including several I’ve never before seen. He points out that firmware update 1.33 enabled root access by default (a new feature). He shows a GPU problem with a specific game (which might have been fixed in a firmware update; by the time his review was done, the firmware had advanced to 1.35!).

While he concentrates on games to show off its power, if I had done this I would have focused on Google Books PDFs and different apps. After a certain foundation of specs — such as running standard benchmarks everyone expects — not everyone needs to do the same review is my point.

Even if you have zero interest in the Archos, this review is worth watching to see how much Chinese tablets are advancing. Right now, it’s the best of the eight-inch ones produced in China and the Archos version could be a real alternative to the iPad Mini.

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