Google Pimps Play eBooks


Which is a waste of marketing dollars. What are they really selling here? eBooks or a tablet? Why no mention of the Google Play Store? Why no link to just the damn eBooks?


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4 responses to “Google Pimps Play eBooks

  1. They’re selling the tablet by showing people what they can do with it. I don’t think this one is so bad.

    • mikecane

      Never defend people who:

      1) Make more money than you
      2) Would never hire you
      3) Brag about how goddammed smart they are as a corporation

  2. I’m not defending anyone. It’s not an ad for the eBookstore, it’s an ad for the Nexus. I don’t want to buy a Nexus, but I was just saying I don’t think the ad is so bad. Apple did the same kind of ads for the iPad if I’m not mistaken.

    Now whether or not they should be advertising the Nexus or the Google Play store is another question entirely. I find the mere existence of the Google Play store an anomaly that borders on abuse of a position of dominance (regarding search as well as the whole book scanning fiasco), so I will not use it willingly.

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