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The Irritating Vapidity Of The Spoiled

What to do with the world’s fastest internet

And this gets to the fundamental problem with Google Fibre: It’s totally awesome, and totally unnecessary.

Why have cars? Why have air travel? Why have high-speed trains?

All they do is add travel speed. What’s the big rush anyway?

Give me a fucking break.

I sit here with shit YouTube performance that increases my cardiac wear and tear and that guy poo-poos what Google Fiber can do because his home Internet can replicate a YouTube test.

Many of us can’t replicate that test, dammit! I have trouble playing 320p YouTube! (Thanks, Time Warner Cable!)

To quote John Galt: Get the hell out of my way!



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J&R Re-Lists Archos Titanium Tablets

They were listed. Then they were unlisted.

Now they’re listed again. And dammit, this time I’m screensnapping for proof.

Archos 97 Titanium:

Click = big

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The Financial Monkeywrench Of Cyprus


Cypriot Bailout Sends Shivers Throughout the Euro Zone

The government also extended a bank holiday that was put in place to try to stop a run on the banks. The holiday was supposed to end Monday night. Now, banks will not be opening their doors Tuesday, as planned. There was talk that they might not open Wednesday, either.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Why is that a surprise? They can’t open without withdrawal limitations, further eroding confidence in the corrupt system.

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Cyprus Launches Financial Andromeda Strain


The Botching of the Cyprus Bailout: Worse Than Lehman Brothers

[T]hey have opted for a “solution” that amounts to probably the single most inexplicably irresponsible decision in banking supervision in the advanced world since the 1930s.

Boldfaced red emphasis added by me.

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