The Irritating Vapidity Of The Spoiled

What to do with the world’s fastest internet

And this gets to the fundamental problem with Google Fibre: It’s totally awesome, and totally unnecessary.

Why have cars? Why have air travel? Why have high-speed trains?

All they do is add travel speed. What’s the big rush anyway?

Give me a fucking break.

I sit here with shit YouTube performance that increases my cardiac wear and tear and that guy poo-poos what Google Fiber can do because his home Internet can replicate a YouTube test.

Many of us can’t replicate that test, dammit! I have trouble playing 320p YouTube! (Thanks, Time Warner Cable!)

To quote John Galt: Get the hell out of my way!


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3 responses to “The Irritating Vapidity Of The Spoiled

  1. Totally agree with you. I had a colleague, a monumentally stupid one, make much the same argument: “The NBN (here in Australia) is SO unneccessary. We don’t need fast internet, it’s such a waste of money”. Oh well, she can live without it and end up being as out of touch and out of date as anyone that has opted out of having any kind of phone. Leave the good stuff for those of us smart enough to understand its benefits.

    • mikecane

      Exactly. These would be the same people who would have never thought a service such as Federal Express — next-day package delivery — was worthwhile to invest in.

  2. As I have told Mike at least twice is not that Google Fibre is unnecessary. It’s that they laid the cable in neighborhoods where they don’t even have computers, much less a need for high-speed internet. Which, as a nonnative who was given the VIP tour, the author of the article would not know nor think to ask.

    It’s not that people don’t want it. It’s that Google didn’t give it to the people who want it and gave it to the people who can’t use it at all.

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