Are You Paying Attention Yet?


Cyprus banks to remain shut Tuesday and Wednesday: government source

The consensus of opinion among financial observers can best be summed up as this:

Just what the fuck are you doing, EU?!!!?
Have you all gone insane?!

Then there are the usual smug, low-IQ idiots who simply don’t understand that laws are supposed to mean things. That following law is the foundation of everything. This state-approved robbery — and that’s what it is — is a breach of law that’s simply breathtaking and unthinkable. It’s the iron boot applied to the necks of a population.

The banks will open Thursday? No. They’ll wait to vote until the dead of night on Friday and then give people the weekend to digest everything before they stagger bank openings beginning on Monday.

Hey, you! Yeah, you. Could you go a week without access to your money?

If they get away with this in Cyprus, they’ll systematically do it everywhere.


The End Of Systemic Trust: The Canary Just Died

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