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Exhibit A in the Case That Newly-Hired Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch Is a Bozo, a Bad Hire

That post is a bit of a shock, calling out someone as a Bozo.

The trouble is, what the hell did Gruber expect him to say as an Adobe employee? That Flash sucked and don’t use it?

For all we know, he could have agreed with Jobs but what the hell could he do?

Anyone who has been in the belly of the corporate beast understands how even the smartest, brightest, even genius-level people can be screwed and have their intelligence misused, abused, and wasted (hasn’t anyone learned anything from HP + Palm and Todd Bradley?). I’ve seen it happen too many times to assign blame to any single person other than the one at the top.

Same-day update: Exhibit B: Defending/Denying Flash Player’s Adverse Effect on Battery Life, a Mere Two Years Ago

Gruber now adds:

I get that the guy worked for Adobe and had to play for the home team, but as CTO he backed a dying technology for years too long.

Again: What did he expect him to do? Resign? Stop. This is silly. Let’s wait and see what he does at/for Apple (and don’t expect him to trash-talk Flash while there, either).

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