Welcome To My 2006, Kindle Users!

Amazon launches “Send to Kindle” button for web publishers and WordPress blogs

Waaaaay back in 2006, having encountered the newly-released Sony Reader, I wrote:

4) “Sitecasting” and “Blogcasting.” I made this one up. But think of it. Imagine, each week or two, blogs issuing a compilation of what they’ve published during that time in Reader format. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’d love to see that done for sites that publish a lot each day, such as JK on the Run, Teleread, and Palm Addicts. For sites that offer reviews (such as The Gadgeteer), a compilation of just that material could be offered. I think “blogcasts” could offer people a better way to sample more blogs than sitting at a PC and flailing away with search engines and links. I always feel pressured sitting at a PC. Sitting back with the Reader will allow me to read sites and blogs more. Along with all of the RSS, XML, digg, and other such icons now on sites, I’d like to see a new one added. One that in effect says, “Put this site on my Sony Reader.”

Well, we’re still not there (although the dotEPUB plug-in and similar ones are great) but this Send To Kindle feature is a good start.

I even jumped the gun on it by offering a few long posts here as ePub files.

Right now, the Send To Kindle feature is for self-hosted WordPress blogs. I’ve emailed WordPress Support to find out if there’s any chatter about offering it here at free WordPress. If it’s made available (and I think it will be), I’ll add it to this blog.

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  1. sounds like a great idea

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