Joe Weider And The Bullshit

An unconventional R.I.P. post because I need to focus on one aspect of the story.

Joe Weider, legendary bodybuilding and fitness icon, dies at 93

He created the Mr. Olympia event in 1965. Two years later, Weider discovered Schwarzenegger at a body-building contest in Europe.

He soon invited Schwarzenegger to move to California and funded the young bodybuilder’s first apartment in Santa Monica, giving him enough money to make ends meet. Weider also orchestrated Schwarzenegger’s first acting role in a TV movie.

Asked by the producers of “Hercules Goes Bananas” for “a muscleman who could act a little,” Weider pointed them to Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger told The Times in 1989 that Weider pumped up his resume to get him the job, telling the producers that Schwarzenegger had done Shakespearean plays in Germany.

“It was all bull,” Schwarzenegger admitted. “I didn’t speak much English at all. We went to meet these guys and Joe said, ‘Don’t say anything. I’ll do the talking.’ “

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Producers: “How could you have ever done Shakespeare, Arnold?”

Arnold: “It was all in German.”

Balls. Of. Steel.


Stupidity Can Lead To Extraordinary Things

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