The Market Barnes & Noble Ignores

Yes, I know I should call it “Nook Media,” but until they have separate financial reports and separate investor conference calls, they’re still B&N to me.

Kindleberry Wireless: A Portable Outdoor Hackstation

Recently I got to go down to Australia to attend an awesome conference called CampJS. It isn’t really a conference, actually, but instead a bunch of programmers in the woods for a few days hacking on side projects and learning new things. Getting out of the big city was really refreshing and at the same time made me realize how badly my glossy screened laptop works in the great outdoors.

It got me wondering if there existed a laptop that was designed for hacking in direct sunlight… something that had a ridiculously long battery life and was still readable in high brightness situations. Instead I stumbled upon a more awesome solution: the kindleberry, a combination of the Raspberry Pi and the Amazon Kindle.

Is there anyone at Barnes & Noble to see the opportunity here?

The Raspberry Pi has a 700MHz ARM CPU. The Nook Touch (and GlowLight version) has an 800Mhz TI OMAP 3621 ARM CPU.

The Nook Touch is already faster than the Raspberry Pi!

Why should he — or anyone else — have to carry around a Raspberry Pi when the Nook Touch itself could fulfill that function?

Why will B&N continue to ignore this?

1) They are a stupid company. This is something they’ve admitted:

We’re not going to continue doing what we’re doing.

2) Rather than sell the Nook Touch now, they’d rather give it away for free.

3) They wouldn’t know how to market such a beast even if they wanted to try it.

4) They likely no longer have the maneuvering room — read: cash — to pull it off.

5) They likely think Windows RT will save their ass. Ha. Ha. And Ha!

A smart company would have noticed the unintended ways the original Nook and then NookColor were being used and learned from it. Tried to capitalize on it.

But not Barnes & Noble.

They were in the “eBook business.”

Just like Western Union was in the “telegraph business.”

Maybe two years ago someone should have sent William Lynch a telegram.

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