Cyprus: The Machine Begins To Consume Itself


Here We Go Again: EU Lawmaker To Push For Bail-In Resolution Law For Deposits Over €100K

Cyprus is no “one-time thing.” It’s their template for the future.

Imagine saving all your life and having 110,000 Euros in a Cyprus bank. Up to forty percent (if not more) of that is going to be wiped out. Stolen!

They can spin this as “dirty Russian Oligarch money” all they like. All that does is disguise the truth of everyday people who will suffer.

Having never let the crooked banks collapse back in 2008, they’re now going to come for everyone’s money.

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One response to “Cyprus: The Machine Begins To Consume Itself

  1. Keishon

    I’ve been following this story along with others. Appreciate the updates you’ve done. The spin I keep reading is that the most of the money is laundered and that Cyprus is a haven for said launderers.I didn’t quite follow the logic behind the “bad” bank (for taxed depositors?) and the good bank (for those under x-amount and protected). Be that as it may, this is a horrifying situation to be in and has made me think about my own finances. I do realize that no matter how the money is labeled, it’s gone and you have no say in the matter. Scary.

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