Archos 80 Titanium Versus iPad Mini

This video is in German but the images don’t require translation.

He previously compared it to the Nexus 7. In that video he had some touch problems in the browser, but not in Maps. This time he had trouble in Maps. Again he mentions a software update to fix that.

It’s clear he favors the iPad Mini at the end. But I’m still impressed by the Archos 80 Titanium in these videos.

After the break, two more videos with benchmarks of the Archos 80 Titanium.

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6 responses to “Archos 80 Titanium Versus iPad Mini

  1. Jontte

    It is interesting to see how far you can go into explaining numerous responsiveness problems with “software updates will fix that” line. Especially given the past performance of Android updates.

    To me responsiveness is one if the key ingredients to a good user experience. iPad mini seems to beat Archos in that regard, and my daily use if iPad (3) tells me that also iPad has a long way to go before being good enough.

    • mikecane

      >>>tells me that also iPad has a long way to go before being good enough

      I guess you typoed and meant Archos there? At any rate, there are some things that *can* be fixed with a software update and that touch problem might be one of them. We’ll have to see what happens. However, compared to past budget Android tablets, the 80 Titanium seems to be the best one to yet appear.

      • Jontte

        Nope, I did not typo. iPad is more responsive than Archos, but far from good enough. It still locks the UI every now and then, scrolling is not always smooth and so on.

        Sure, lots of things *can* be fixed with a software update, will such update ever come will be seen in the coming months and years.

      • mikecane

        Well, now I’m just confused. Which do you prefer? The iPad Mini or the Archos 80 Titanium?

  2. Jontte

    How can that be confusing? I’ll try to clarify, liberally quoting myself:

    “iPad is more responsive than Archos”

    When talking about responsiveness I prefer iPad over Archos. (According to the videos, I have not seen it in person)

    “iPad is not good enough”

    iPad responsiveness and other UX is far from perfect, it is not “good enough”. The Archos is obviously even worse.

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