Memo To Scott Turow: Just STFU Already!

Turow on Amazon/Goodreads: This is how modern monopolies can be built

Amazon is buying Goodreads, its only sizable competitor for reader reviews and a site known for the depth and breadth of its users’ book recommendations.

I know you think a computer is sorta like a telegraph, Turow, because you also think Google Search is like a word processor’s Find command.

But are you so stupid that you can’t even parse the sentence you wrote?

Here are the four key words, you dimwit:

its users’ book recommendations


Do you know what they are? They are people. A few — god hopes very few — of them are also your readers.

They can leave Goodreads at any damn time.

Where was your outrage, Turow, over Facebook buying Instagram?

Ohhhkay, so maybe I went a bit off-topic there. But note this: When Facebook bought it, some people left. When Instagram tried to change its TOS, some people left. Instagram — like Goodreads — gets its content from people.

And here’s another thing: Content gets stale.

What’s a review written five years ago worth in terms of money? Let me parse that even finer: What’s a five-year-old review from someone who is just another reader worth? What’s a five-year-old review of a self-published book from a sockpuppet reviewer worth? Do you think this stuff increases in value each year, like a bank account collecting interest?

It all turns to dust.

You continue to embarrass yourself, Turow, every time you open your yap about technology and changes in the marketplace.

It’s time for you to just STFU already.

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One response to “Memo To Scott Turow: Just STFU Already!

  1. RicDay

    For some odd reason, each time I read one of these weird pronouncements by Turow, I imagine a hastily called executive committee discussion of the issue at hand, with Turow and his mates all wearing tinfoil caps. Somehow, the image seems to fit the statement they then send to the media.

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