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Today’s Second Dose Of The Stupid

Has March 31st become National Stupidity Day?

Need a Job? Invent It

We teach and test things most students have no interest in and will never need, and facts that they can Google and will forget as soon as the test is over.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

How the hell does he know what anyone will “need”?

Did Steve Jobs ever think he “needed” calligraphy? No.

But he did!

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The April First Policy Here

This post is a sticky that will be removed on April 2nd. Scroll down for any new posts.

I hate playing — and hate being taken in by — April first pranks. You won’t see any here.

Usually I skip posting on April first, but in case I have any posts for that date, know that they’ll be legit and not stupid pranks.


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Today’s Dose Of The Stupid

Why Your Kid Can’t Get a Job

Be unusual and memorable: if, for example, you reached Level 60 on World of Warcraft, tell your future boss why that means you have monster leadership skills.

Is this guy for real?

And, show you have a big and growing network that comes with you when you get hired.

What? “Look at me, I got a posse!”


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Archos 80 Platinum Unboxing Video

Whoa. That was fast. It was only yesterday that the Archos 80 Platinum showed up in vendor listings in the U.S.. Now, in Poland, there’s someone who actually owns one!


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