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The Nook HD+ Is A Financial Sinkhole

Front page of Barnes & Noble today:

Click = big

Yep, last week’s sale tanked.

But hey, now you can buy one and get even less for free!

Maybe next week the sale will be, “Buy a Nook HD+, Get a Free Nook Simple Touch AND $50 to Spend!!!!!1111”

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No Shock: Chinese Tablets Don’t Sell In China

Apple’s iPad dominates China’s tablet market

While Samsung is the smartphone market leader in China, Apple dominates the tablet market, according to a new report from Beijing-based Umeng Analytics Platform, a leading Chinese mobile app and analytics service.

In the fourth quarter, the iPad and iPad mini represented 83 percent of tablet sales in China; Android tablets captured just 17 percent of the market, said Linda Jiang, Umeng vice president of business development.

“When people think of tablets, they buy iPads,” she said. “Android tablets aren’t gaining any significant market share.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

If I was a Chinese tablet maker, I’d be embarrassed beyond belief.

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Murderati Blog Ending

Confirmed as not an April first prank.

The long goodbye . . .

April marks seven years since we started this adventure. So much has changed. We’ve lost dear friends. Met new ones. Survived makeovers and transitions. Gotten publishing contracts. Stopped writing. Started again.

The writing industry, publishing, marketing, public relations – all have changed too. So has the way people stay connected and buy books. As the world becomes faster, time becomes even more precious. All of these factors – and many others — have weighed into our decision to say this long goodbye.

In the Comments:

It’s not a joke. I remembered it was April’s Fools Day this morn.
No . . . it’s just time, alas.

How very, very sad this news is.

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