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Writer Derek Raymond: Rare Videos!


All this time I’d been searching for photos of Derek Raymond, it was only last week that I got a hint there might actually be video of him. And then, today, a second video!

These have been hidden in plain sight, under his birth name, Robin Cook.

There’s an actual DVD available from France that has a full interview with him: Carnets Noirs, Tome 2. Behm. Cook. Mc Ilvaney.

And after the break, a clip from that DVD, of Derek Raymond in color and speaking!

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Wars And Rumors Of Wars


The CIA says North Korea is incapable of reaching the contiguous 48 states with a nuclear-loaded missile.

This is the same agency that:

1) Didn’t foresee Sputnik
2) Didn’t foresee the fall of the Berlin Wall
3) Insisted Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

Credibility: Zero.

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