Facebook Flails For Mobile Relevancy

And it won’t work.

Facebook Home is Zuckerborg trying to fend off all the new, shiny and damned popular chat apps overturning everything in Asia.

He must have seen their adoption rates, compared it to Facebook’s adoption rates in those areas, also seen the Facebook drop off rates in those areas, and went all Steve Ballmer on his team.

Given the Asian demographic of those who are using the chat apps, I’d bet few of them ever even touched Facebook.

“Why do I need Facebook? I have this app. And it connects with my real-life friends. Not strangers. Or my parents.”

Facebook is being disintermediated.

Facebook Home is like being in elementary school and having to go through the teacher to pass notes to one another.

And, bulletin: If in-your-face was such a selling point, several Chinese phone manufacturers would have already cut deals to do something so upfront similar with one of the Asian apps.

While Zuckerborg tries to downplay apps, the rest of the world wants them. Not Facebook.

Facebook is an aging demographic and advertisers don’t like those.


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