R.I.P. Carmine Infantino, Artist

Carmine Infantino Passes Away At Age 87

Carmine Infantino, legendary comic book artist and former DC Comics editorial director, passed away today. He was 87.

DC was known as National Periodical Publications during his reign.

Infantino took on the position of DC Comics editorial director in the 1960s, hiring Dick Giordano and promoting Joe Orlando, Joe Kubert and Mike Sekowsky to editors at the publisher. During Infantino’s tenure as editorial director, Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil joined DC — Infantino even managed to hire then-Marvel mainstay Jack Kirby to the publisher.

Hiring away Kirby gave us the immortal Fourth World series. For that alone, he is bound for Heaven.

Rest in peace.

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  1. I heard about Roger yesterday…and it made me sad. This is the first I had heard that we also lost Carmine Infantino. I can only hope that, wherever they both ended up, they are having a good conversation.

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