A Modern Napoleon Hill Story

From Selling Scoops Of Ice Cream To Founding ZeroCater

Trust me, you must read that. It’s one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever read.

1) There’s no shame in starting at the bottom. The bottom is what most people ignore. But that’s where the rich soil is that will make things really grow. It seethes with opportunities.

2) At a discussion elsewhere, someone used the phrase “valuable problem.” If you can find one of those to solve, you’ll make money. He did. But he found it only because he was at the bottom. When someone says, “I hate this and don’t want to do it,” an alarm should blare: “Opportunity!”

3) Napoleon Hill said, “Start where you are with what you have.” He did. He had just a spreadsheet! Let that sink in. His entire business was a spreadsheet and it grew from that. Would you think a spreadsheet could grow into something?

4) He didn’t have to know everything to start. I have zero idea of what technical infrastructure his company now runs on. And when he began, he probably didn’t know what he’d need, either. But what he didn’t know didn’t stop him.

5) He had determination. That’s most of the damn battle right there, what used to be called “stick-to-itiveness.” Determination can be applied to anything. It’s the overriding trait that makes everything possible.


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