Call Fox’s Bluff

News Corp. Threatens to Pull Fox off the Airwaves if Aereo Wins

News Corp. COO Chase Carey said his conglomerate is considering moving programming from its Fox broadcast network, which viewers can receive over the air, for free, to its pay cable networks.

If he does that, the FCC should revoke Fox’s broadcasting license. It’s that simple.

That ambulatory tumor, Murdoch, won a concession that allowed him to own both WNYW TV (once WNEW) and the NY Post, which was once — in better, sane days — against the rules of the FCC.

So for any of his smug minions to get up on their hinds legs and threaten this deserves not a simple smackdown, it deserves a flat-out beatdown.

Revoke that license, take down the entire goddamed Fox OTA broadcasting network. Return those airwaves to the American people.

It’s not like anyone will drop dead if they can’t get their sick perv on watching The Following for free.

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One response to “Call Fox’s Bluff

  1. Andy Foster

    That’s what is so frustrating. The airwaves are licensed to these companies. They were not given away freely. They were leased on behalf of the American people in return for conditions that many people accepted (no profanity, etc).

    Yet over the years less and less people are educated about how this country runs (Civics anyone?)

    So we get this guy who knows exactly what he is talking about but he is betting on the ignorance of a majority of people to support his drivel.

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