Occupy Wall Street: Staggering Court Victory

Due to the herd of cats, my weekend schedule has changed and I’ve no longer been popping into the city to see what’s up with Occupy. And staying off Twitter kept me from seeing today’s news until now.


NY Daily News: Occupy Wall Street settles lawsuit with city over books destruction for $232K

The city agreed to pay $232,000 — $47,000 to cover the costs of the books and $185,000 to civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, who brought the lawsuit last year.

The city also agreed to shell out another $133,000 to settle two other lawsuits growing out the raid, which evicted members of the protest movement from the park after a lengthy encampment.

Global Revolution TV is getting $75,000 for damaged electronic gear, and their lawyers are getting nearly $50,000. Time’s Up, an environmental nonprofit, will receive $8,500 for 16 damaged “energy” bicycles.


Observer: New York City to Pay Occupy Wall Street $232,000 Over Destruction of People’s Library

“The city acknowledged that what happened in the park on the night of the Zuccotti Park raid was inappropriate.”

According to Mr. Teitelbaum, the City rarely accepts liability when entering agreements such as this one. In collective settlement fees, the City will be coughing up over $400,000—including $75,000 in damage fees and $49,850 in attorney fees to Global Revolution T.V. An environmental nonprofit, Time’s Up, will receive $8,500 for 16 “energy” bicycles that were destroyed in the raid.

Library Journal/infoDocket: New York City Settles Lawsuit Over Destruction of Occupy Wall Street Library

Village Voice: City Settles Lawsuit Over the Destruction of the Occupy Wall Street Library

Occupy Wall Street Press Relations Working Group: NYC Agrees to Pay Occupy Wall Street $230k for Destruction of Library

Occupy Wall Street Library blog

Note that I was unsympathetic at the time: Occupy Wall Street: The People’s Library

But I’m glad they won!


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