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Nook HD+ Has A Secret Menu

His screen is covered with strategically-placed bits of paper to conceal private info. Still, it’s easy to see how to get to the Secret Menu and the information it contains.


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Unclear Developments In The French International Book Robbery

Anthologies Of Authors In Translation Pulled From ReLIRE

Without a statement from the committee behind ReLIRE, it’s hard to know if these works have been removed from the registry because they were errors, or if the authors, translator or publisher concerned has submitted an opt-out. As a commenter pointed out on Lionel Maurel’s blog, the lack of transparency concerning the contents of the registry makes it difficult to know the status of a book on the list, for example whether it has been opposed, confirmed, etc. So it isn’t obvious why these works have now been removed.

Isn’t it funny how that braying dickhead Scott Turow — who always reminds us he is President of the Authors Guild — doesn’t seem to know that this unprecedented robbery of writers is being attempted in France?

No. No, it’s not funny at all.

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Doctor Who: Cold War


No spoilers ahead.

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Rumor: Microsoft To Do 7.2-Inch 4:3 Tablet

Chinese site iFanr is reporting:

Google English: Exclusive news: Microsoft 7.2-inch flat-screen ratio suspected 4:3

Today, insider sources revealed to Love Fan children, Microsoft will launch a 7.2-inch tablet, the resolution is 1600 × 1200, a single glass full lamination technology. The effective area of ​​the tablet (active area) and the proportion of the visible area (view area) are 4:3. As to whether the system is using Windows 8 is unknown.

That’s more like it.

I suspect this is due to Microsoft’s $300M investment in Nook Media.

A 4:3 tablet is more suitable to reading books and magazines, as I earlier pointed out.

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