Nook HD+ Has A Secret Menu

His screen is covered with strategically-placed bits of paper to conceal private info. Still, it’s easy to see how to get to the Secret Menu and the information it contains.


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7 responses to “Nook HD+ Has A Secret Menu

  1. Robert

    Click the bottom box tells you when built

  2. FoolofaTook

    FAIL of a post! If I wanted to search Youtube for “Nook HD secret menu” , I could have done so without your time-wasting! You’re supposed to post the button combination on HERE, so people can learn efficiently, not waste time on Youtube (slow medium for text information). Oh and bandwidth, for those who need to conserve it.
    Must do better next time. Text and diagrams beat most Youtube videos when it comes to serious learning and avoiding trivia-overload, no?

    • You are reading a post that’s two years old. And you have a Nook HD+ — which is a FAIL of a device.

      • FoolofaTook

        The age doesn’t matter, mate. It’s the principle of how to communicate with the best medium. That hasn’t changed. If anything it’s even more important these days. Your comprehension is fail. I paid very little for my Nook. It has a far better screen than devices twice or four times it’s price. I have nearly 150GB of storage for movies etc or about 90GB if I need to use the 64GB microsd card for compatibility. For total 1/3 of the cheapest ipad. Fail, my arse! However it does have serious limitations, I agree. I wasn’t trying to be that much of a dick, just frustrated at how slow it is to learn from youtube when one is a fast reader, compared to diagrams & text if well-written. Thanks for trying.

      • That you came back here to actually argue this is incredible. Not replying past this.

  3. Kathleen M Alnory

    You could also do this somehow on nook tablet but don’t remember how do you?

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