Rumor: Microsoft To Do 7.2-Inch 4:3 Tablet

Chinese site iFanr is reporting:

Google English: Exclusive news: Microsoft 7.2-inch flat-screen ratio suspected 4:3

Today, insider sources revealed to Love Fan children, Microsoft will launch a 7.2-inch tablet, the resolution is 1600 × 1200, a single glass full lamination technology. The effective area of ​​the tablet (active area) and the proportion of the visible area (view area) are 4:3. As to whether the system is using Windows 8 is unknown.

That’s more like it.

I suspect this is due to Microsoft’s $300M investment in Nook Media.

A 4:3 tablet is more suitable to reading books and magazines, as I earlier pointed out.

In addition, I’m speculating there could be a Special Edition of this tablet that is a Barnes & Noble exclusive — if the tablet itself is not exclusive to Barnes & Noble to begin with as its next-generation of Nook.

There have been no signs of Nook Media opening Android on its current line of tablets. Dumping Android for Windows RT — and with Microsoft’s marketing muscle — arguably isn’t a worse move than sticking with closed Android. The question becomes how adroitly could Nook Media/Barnes & Noble make such a switch without alienating its current customers?

On the other hand, this would be a tablet that no one else has. Amazon and Kobo are still wed to Android and are unlikely to drop it any time soon.

A 7.2 inch screen could fit into the current eInk 6-inch Nook Touch size — 6.5″ x 5.0″ — if they handle the bezels correctly. Very portable. An iPad Mini is 7.87″ x 5.3″.

And such a hi-res screen — that’s a ppi of 277.78 — would be better than the current 9.7-inch Retina iPad, which is 263.92. And it’d be close enough to a Retina iPad Mini (ppi of 324.05) not to really matter.

So yeah, if they get the price right — and if this is the next Nook — this is a potential winner for Nook Media that could also bolster Microsoft’s tablet ambitions.

Update, Monday April 15, 2013: Now IMP3Net [Google English] is repeating the above news. Maybe that’s the Internet Echo Chamber at work. Or maybe they trust the site as a source of advanced information. If this turns out to be true, you read it here in America first.

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One response to “Rumor: Microsoft To Do 7.2-Inch 4:3 Tablet

  1. john

    how to make the switch from android to windows RT without alienating current customers? unlock existing tablets to access Google Play so the legacy hardware will continue to be useful. B&N genius!

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