Orphan Black: Episode Three


I hadn’t intended to do this post. But I’ve now become absolutely hooked on this series.



When I watched the first Forbrydelsen series, I wasn’t immediately hooked. I also found the pacing to be very slow. But there was Something there.

Orphan Black also has Something.

What ties both series together is the strong female lead. Tatiana Maslany reminds me of Sofie Gråbøl in some ways — hell, she even has to impersonate a detective in the series. And both main characters are named Sarah: Sarah Manning and Sarah Lund.

This series creates nothing but questions.


Who was Elizabeth Chen and did Beth or someone else shoot her — and why?




How many clones are there? Why are they in different countries? Who created them and why?


How long before Beth’s partner Art finally catches on to Sarah’s impersonation of Beth? And what will we he do then?


How long can Sarah fool Beth’s boyfriend? And is he really her boyfriend? What does he really know?


Is Felix actually Sarah’s biological brother? And if so, are there clones of him too? And how did he and Sarah wind up in an English orphanage? And why did their foster mother move them to Canada? What does she really know?


And this insane clone — is she acting on her own or did she go crazy when she found out she’s wasn’t Daddy’s only little girl? And who is Daddy? And how did she get those scars? And why does she want to kill all the other clones?

And what do the other clones really know? What’s this phrase about “family” they all know and say? And was there ever a Mommy? Who is she?

To clear up two mysteries:


That is not New York City.



Those are not NYPD logos.

And in the first episode, a train to New York City was mentioned at the Huxley stop. Hello, how the hell does someone get from Huxley in Alberta, Canada to New York City by train? Is that also part of the mystery?

And if you missed it:


She’s reading The Origin of Species by Darwin.

If you haven’t caught on to this series yet, jump on board. BBC America is repeating the episodes liberally so there’s still time to catch up.


BBC America Orphan Black site

Previously here:

TV: Orphan Black


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3 responses to “Orphan Black: Episode Three

  1. This looks interesting. Too bad it doesn’t seem to be available in France or Switzerland yet.

  2. Martin

    agree about the boyfriend,he is up to something… and the crazy clone , posible the first one who went wrong?

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