Rah Rah Rubbish

A rather rah-rah and mostly unbelievable post — which is actually an extract from a book — in Reason magazine has this truthful tidbit:

We should consider the impact of another tool that does not get the credit it deserves for changing the world: the prepaid phone card. The growth of calling-card usage leaves the Internet’s growth in the dust. Now prepaid calling cards are giving way to prepaid mobile phones. Prepaid cellphones have displaced those that require a long-term subscription and bind the user to a service provider through an elaborate contract.

What he has failed to notice (yet?) is the rise of prepaid gift cards. A subject I’ve harped on several times in this blog (The Gift Card Advantage, Google Play Wakes Up To In-Store Gift Cards, and Google Play Gift Cards: No Credit Card Required).

As for the rest of that rubbish excerpt, here’s the real-world antidote: The Rise of the Praetorian Class.

By the way, expect much more of this David Beats Goliath stuff this year, as the extended promo campaign for Gladwell’s new book heats up.

Meanwhile, just recall how nationwide Occupy Wall Street was crushed and scattered. Power is never defeated — it collapses from its own internal corruption.


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