This Page Is Why The Internet Sucks

James Bond was orginally called Barry Clams [Note: Typo in original headline at post time.]

Go look at it.

According to Letter Count, the entire item people are meant to read — including headline — is just 415 characters.

Saved as a plain text file, that’s just 423 bytes (according to Windows XP Properties on a plain text file from WordPad).

Yet if you save that page as HTML, it’s a whopping 1.59MBs!


Over a megabyte and a half of absolute crap — ads, links to extraneous stuff — to deliver what can be read in less than ten seconds!

Advertising on the Internet is worse than it’s even been on TV.

And no, I don’t have a solution. I’m just fed up with bloated web pages and point to this as one of the worst examples.



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70 responses to “This Page Is Why The Internet Sucks

  1. Just use AdBlock ;)
    And never go to websites you don’t like.
    Who made you read that?

    • mikecane

      >>>Who made you read that?

      I went there via RSS. Their items are usually longer than that, so the brevity got under my skin today.

    • Abdallah

      Adblock on stops the ads from rendering on the browser, but the have to be downloaded

      • mikecane

        Yes, I have AdBlock, but I don’t use it on *every* site. And from what I’ve seen, I have to keep manually blocking ads on some sites because the way the ads are served eventually changes, sidestepping the original block.

      • Simon

        Use something like GlimmerBlocker instead

  2. Water Preacher

    Incidentally, your rant about it is almost 700K. Also, XP? Seriously?

    I agree that there is an unnecessary bloat of ads and share buttons, and XML-style markup is overly verbose. Hyperlinks are what runs the web, though.

  3. You’re running ads ya hypocrite.

    • mikecane

      No, I am not. Free WordPressdotcom does to let me use this for free. And since I see this site being logged in most of the time, I don’t see the ads. Are they all over the place? I suspect WP might serve different ads to different people so even if I was logged out, I might not see what you do.

      • There is a big embedded YouTube video with a link above it reading “About these ads”. So yes, yes you do have ads.

      • mikecane

        How many times must I explain this?

        1) I am using WordPressdot com, a free service
        2) I do not pay to use it (hence, you know, FREE)
        3) THEY put ads in the blogs to pay for my using it for FREE
        4) If this was a self-hosted site, there’d be NO ads
        5) There’d also be a cleaner, customized template

  4. I’m one of those people who have used adblock for so long that they cringe when they use a newly installed browser with no adblock. I also have to admit that since starting out in the web development field, I’ve become much harder to please with the way many websites are designed.
    I also remember vaguely some initiative of the advertising industry lobby that wanted to outlaw software such as adblock because it’s “killing jobs in the advertising industry”.
    What interesting times we live in.

  5. Josh

    Valid argument, but made on a page which itself weighs in at almost 1Mb. You probably already knew that though ;-)

  6. Dweep

    how about the 11 “share this”‘ buttons on this page… At least it’s not the kind of javascript popup window that is annoying as hell.

    • mikecane

      Those Share buttons here are something I don’t like but readers have used them. If it was up to me, I’d have everyone install browser buttons on their side instead of burdening sites with it.

      • angelbar

        So, then the Internet dont suck… Its the people that dont use its own$ webpage and want to publish for free.

      • mikecane

        No, the Internet still sucks. Just go to any site run by a broadcast TV news station to confirm it.

  7. sage

    >And no, I don’t have a solution.

    I do. It’s called AdBlock. Never leave your home page without it.

  8. Steve

    This page is nearly 700k, which includes 400k of JavaScript. You have a pointless calendar in the sidebar.


    • mikecane

      As you should see, I’m using free WordPressdotcom, so there’s no way for me to serve a post minus sidebars without paying money or hosting my own site. As for the Calendar, you’re wrong about it being pointless. I’ve used it many times to find past posts.

      • JohnnyTwoTimes

        So it’s OK for a site’s page weight to be overly heavy as long as it’s a blog hosted on the free WordPressdotcom ? If however, your site is not hosted for free then a heavy site is a legitimate target for ridicule on said wordpress blog?

      • Tim

        What’s your argument? It’s ok for you to serve bloat because since you are not paying money for the server, but it’s not ok for because … ???

        I’m not sure what your point is. Is having a bloated site bad period? or is it bad only if you don’t use a free service like

        Because you own your own blog, you can say things like “share buttons are useful to my readers” and “calendar are not pointless, I use it”. But since you don’t own how can you judge what’s useful for them? How can you possible comment that their extra bytes are not being used to serve themselves or the their users?

      • mikecane

        Because putting aside this blog, I’m also a reader. And that page is bloated. As are too damn many web pages that are delivering more bloat in relation to their information than I see as acceptable.

  9. Habur Gate

    Suggestion: Install AdBlock Plus and Ghostery. Never look back.

  10. required

    You are part of the problem.

  11. why not start using Ad Block plus. I know I alone cannot change the world. So I started changing my browser using adblock plus.

    • mikecane

      I do use AdBlock, just not on that site. Despite my pointing to them, their site loads faster than, say, a site from a broadcast TV news station — or The Verge.

      • Epsilon

        I think The Verge homepage could be held as the end all, be all example of what’s wrong with web design. I get nauseous looking at it, and loading it over a 768kbps DSL connection ain’t fun, either.

  12. Wait a minute, your page saves to 1.28MB, and you only have 133 words in your article. This gives you 10kb of download per word. The article you’re pointing to is only 4kb per word.

    Pot calling kettle?

  13. Dave

    Yeah, but without the extraneous stuff, I wouldn’t have been able to read the words “GARRY BARLOW TRAPPED IN QUEEN’S ARSE”, so I’d say it was worth it, over all.

  14. Hi, when you save as a plain text file the images aren’t included neither, don’t blame javascript for everything, don’t blame ads, they pay for the “free” content you read everywhere.

    • mikecane

      The text alone was copied and pasted. As for the ads and bloat, it seems to me like a ten dollar tax on ten cents’ worth of content. Am I the only one who thinks that’s extreme?

      • You are right in that last part, but to have a better content/ads ratio the numbers of blocks should vary according with the length of the content, and that’s something no one will ever do.

      • mikecane

        I understand most sites are CMS passed through a standard template (like here!), so maybe they should have a minimum word count for posts to justify all those ads and flashy links?

  15. dsjoerg

    Your excuse is lame. So is your whining. If you like hyper minimalist web pages, find some and post about how awesome they are, and get them the love they deserve. I’m sure there are some out there.

  16. GJW

    As an AmigaOS 3.1 stalwart unable to view HTML5 content, I’d love to see an Internet partially based upon a TeX-like markup. Rather than “”, such a document would use “”. An alternative browser would parse and present the markup when either the doctype is encountered, or a “.tex” extension is linked to. Tex content would be displayed using the traditional tricks of typesetting: kerning, proper justification, avoidance of rivers, optimal reading line-length, etc. Here’s a sample of what the web could be: .

    More often than not, today’s Web is gaudy and garish, as 99% of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript’s functionality is unneeded for everyday reading. For plain reading a TeX browser and typesetting-friendly markup would an improvement over the status quo, wherein every man reinvents the art of typesetting at his website, and often with tragic results.

  17. jha

    then stop selling ads on this very page

  18. Lovin' Blumpkins

    The internet doesn’t suck. This page, however, does.

  19. I share you point of view. But this page, with images and other things, sizes 900Kb. It’s no helping to the Internet sucks a little less.

  20. $ du -kc This\ Page\ Is\ Why\ The\ Internet\ Sucks\ \|\ Mike\ Cane’s\ xBlog*
    100 This Page Is Why The Internet Sucks | Mike Cane’s xBlog
    32 This Page Is Why The Internet Sucks | Mike Cane’s xBlog_files/custom_data
    800 This Page Is Why The Internet Sucks | Mike Cane’s xBlog_files
    900 total

    • mikecane

      Are you sure about that? I went and did Save Page As with Firefox (latest version) — the same thing I did with that site — and I get 599KB. That now includes all the Comments appearing here (with their Avatars — I thought I had turned those off!).

  21. Brent

    As other commenters have pointed out, this blog post “sucks” by the same logic. Saying, “those aren’t my ads, they’re from WordPress”, is missing the point. By creating content that draws people to see the ads on this page, *you are part of the problem*. Regardless of whether you profit from the ads. Think about it – you are indirectly funding this sort of behavior.

    So stop bitching and pay a few dollars a month for your own web host.

  22. First of all the fact that your blog post is served on a bloated page is either completely irrelevant to the fact you’re trying to draw our attention to, or else it substantiates your point because WordPress is also a culprit. Why do people get so distracted always just looking for the easiest way to dismiss something? I think we may be so embittered because we’ve been inundated with countless new miracle products every year and so many exhausting campaigns to capture our attention, it seems like every person who comes along with an idea is just trying to get attention and clutter the world with yet another unneeded bit of bloat. Well that isn’t the right attitude to take toward people who are trying to start or participate in a discussion.

    Yes the entire Internet seems to be sick with the gout. The world is driven by dubious marketing schemes, not by any principle of actually improving the world.

    • mikecane

      Well, that seems off the point, which was the bloat of web pages.

      • Hey I was supporting you. I agree that the overwhelming clutter of advertising plays a major part in the ways the internet sucks. But no one seemed to be having any discussion here. People prefer to scoff “Look who’s talking” and turn away. Lesson in social commentary: Unless you’re a perfect righteous example of the ideals you would like to encourage, people will scoff at you. And that’s pretty sad.

        More on the point: Thank goodness for RSS/Atom and AdBlock, and thank goodness for everyone who is interested in delivering worthwhile content and not merely in driving metrics. I don’t think the practise of framing content in flashy marketing and cascading links will stick around in the long term, because it sickens people.

      • mikecane

        Thank you.

      • Hmm How does my tone keep coming out so ambiguous… I meant to say that my comment was directed a bit disapprovingly toward the other commenters, not toward you. :P

      • mikecane

        I don’t see the Comments threaded in my Dashboard, so it’s impossible to follow threads (countdown to criticisms in Comments of that … 5… 4… 3…)

  23. Jp

    The funniest part of this entry is, IMHO, the “Social links” just below it.

  24. ai20

    The problem is not Internet. It’s the World Wide Web and yes, there is a solution:

    • mikecane

      >>>A huge empire is built based on JUST ONE APPLICATION!

      But is it? There’s Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera — and that’s just on the desktop, never mind the variety of smartphone browsers. And now the rendering engines are being changed.

      And the Semantic Web is way overdue. But people don’t seem to give a damn about metadata or metacontent.

  25. fungibility

    Still using XP in 2013? wow! How long do you plan to live under the rock?

  26. theo

    Lots of idiotic comments.
    When you need a multi-core processor to read the news it is bloatware.

  27. Roger

    Someone should make an identical blog post, except point to this very website.

    “But hosts my site… that is why I’VE got ads and a bloated site!” Comedy gold, thanks for the laugh. For the price of that cup of coffee you bought this morning, you could’ve had ad-free hosting and this could’ve been a circle jerk about how the internet is bloated with ads rather than one of the most idiotic displays of hypocrisy in recent memory.

    • mikecane

      I must ask everyone here: Are any of you guilty of the very thing I’m pointing out? That is, do you work for sites that stuff their pages filled with extraneous stuff? Because I’m hard pressed to understand how everyone is pointing here without acknowledging at all what I pointed out over there.

      • Roger

        I’d bet people would be more likely to expect ads on a garbage gossip/news site like ‘thedailymash’ than they would someone’s personal blog. So, no, people aren’t surprised, nor concerned about that.

        When a personal blog such as yours is doing exactly what they’re criticizing, the hypocrisy is so blatantly obvious that it is going to be pointed out. The fact that your on the front page of HN only exacerbates this.

  28. I suppose you hate the city you live in, what with all the advertising everywhere, billboards, branding, giant photos of women in underwear, everyone telling you to like them on Facebook. Yep, I’m with you, cities suck. All of them.

  29. Mike, I totally agree. I don’t see ads on your blog at all – perhaps because I’m in Canada? I read it on my iPad and (this session) on a MacBook Pro using Safari. AdBlock not installed.

    There are many times when I sit and watch “major” US and Canadian website pages taking forever to render – and that’s on a 16GB RAM, i7 iMac with a 100 Mbps connection. Depending on my mood, a lot of those links are abandoned. Inspecting the ones I do connect with usually shows massive amounts of advertising, multiple affiliate links, and bizarre numbers of java APIs.

    I have abandoned using a CMS for my blogs and am (when limited time allows) rebuilding using a no-database, very lightweight system (under 200K of code in the core of it on the server). Too damn many sites are killing themselves with bloat.

  30. OMG!!! People DO read your blog!!! Who’d’a’thunk?

    • Didn’t you see? This post was on the front page of HN.
      Good one, Mike. Impressive performance fielding comments, too. Btw, I only see the WP ads from time to time on iPhone.

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