Archos 80 & 97 Platinum Tablets Listed At J&R

L’Archos 80 Platinum pour fin Avril? [Google English]

That post prompted me to check J&R’s site. And yep, the Archos 80 Platinum is listed. And so is the Archos 97 Platinum.

Archos 80 Platinum:

Click = big

Archos 97 Platinum:

Click = big

Despite a late-April appearance, as shown in an earlier post at least one person already has the Archos 80 Platinum. And he did a review, embedded at the end of this post.

That review is puzzling to me.

Here is the AnTuTu score he got:


That’s just 7,560. Which is a big WTF for a quad-core CPU.

On the graph, it’s fifth:


However, an in-depth review of the Onda V812 — which is the identical hardware! — has this AnTuTu score:


That’s 13,183 — nearly double!

And on the graph:


It’s third, with a score that shows it’s three-fourths that of the HTC One X, instead of just about one-half.

So, it will be interesting to see what other reviewers get as an AnTuTu score for the Archos 80 Platinum.

Now here’s the review, which is in Croatian but still worth seeing:

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