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AnTuTu Scores For Three CPUs

Thinking about the Chinese iPad Mini clones, I went looking for some AnTuTu scores for the Rockchip 3188 quad-core CPU and came across this chart:


The A31 score is slightly higher than the A31s, as it should be.

However, that ATM7029 score seems odd. It contradicts the 12,316 the HKC Quest got.

As for the 3188 score of 18,000, that puts it above the Galaxy Note 8.0, which scored 17,708.

An AnTuTu final score is a compilation of several tests, so it remains to be seen if the 3188 is as good as the above — because we’ve already seen the ATM7029 is not as bad as the above.

Chuwi, Cube, Pipo, and Vido will all use the Rockchip 3188 CPU in their iPad Mini clones.


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WiFi Direct And Miracast

Wi-Fi Direct


Why do those matter? Look:


That’s a Ramos tablet (it might be an X10, which has it) wirelessly streaming its screen to an HDTV.

It’s somewhat like Apple Airplay — without the Apple.

And wirelessly — no damn cables or dock.

It seems that Miracast is seen as a selling point for Chinese tablets. When I finalize the Guide to Chinese iPad Mini Clones, I’ll note which ones offer Miracast.


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Onda V818 In Second Store Video


This time the video shows web browsing. But only one site: Youku (China’s YouTube).

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Onda V818 Gets Merciful Chinese Review


Google English: The A31s thin quad-core tablet Onda V818mini trial [Original Chinese]


– A31s CPU confirmed to be just 1GHz
– screen is not the brightest
– low free memory causes web pages to close
– AnTuTu 11,747
– NenaMark2 61.1 fps
– back camera sucks

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